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My 100 Hands – By Child Author Lauryn Marie Burks

My 100 HandsThe story My 100 Hands was created by Lauryn Marie Burks, who was 5 years old at the time. Faced with the constant challenge of staying on task and dealing with hurried parents, Lauryn did what all children do, she day-dreamed. This book, My 100 Hands, is a product of Lauryn’s vivid imagination, creative thoughts and language translated on paper by Mom and Dad.

My 100 Hands engages children in a way that opens up their own creativity and imagination. Intended for children ages three to eight, the illustrations aptly denote the colorful images of a young child’s universe. Children follow along with Lauryn’s fun-filled imagination, as she describes how to put her friendly little hands to work and make life easier.

Pretty Hand Goes To Paris
My 100 Hands Go To School
My 100 Hands Book
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