Kim and Rob Burks are the proud parents of two loving and energetic kids.  Like many parents, we have often wondered about all the amazing things our kids do and say.  We searched for a user friendly medium that would help promote our kids’ talents and ideas.  We couldn’t find it.  So, we decided to create it!

We believe that the imagination of a child is powerful and can be harnessed if parents do one very important thing-pay attention.  As parents, we are acutely aware how the tasks of daily life can literally drain the creativity from our bodies.  However, children have the awesome advantage of harnessing that imaginative energy and letting it spring forward in the most magnificent of ways.  We affectionately call it Munchkin Power.

Our mission is to empower kids in a way that opens up their own creativity and imagination, while fostering a fun-filled learning environment. Our vision is to encourage parents to pay keen attention to their kids’ creativity and when appropriate invest in that creativity to make viable business opportunities.

For example, the children’s books, My 100 Hands and My 100 Hands Go To School, was written by our daughter, Lauryn, when she was just 5 years old.  We carefully and methodically helped Lauryn tap into her creativity by making the experience fun for her.   It was conversational.  It was even silly at times.  We would purposefully follow her imagination where ever it went.  We also made sure that we didn’t “adultify” her ideas by trying to make them fit a certain format or stereotype.

Having had success with bringing our daughter Lauryn’s idea to market in the form of two children’s books, we would be happy to help other parents develop their child’s talent or idea!  We invite them to share about their kids’ ideas or achievements on our Community Power Blog at  We will also make ourselves available for private consultations.